Carpentry is a skilled trade that has been around for centuries. Carpenters build and repair homes, businesses, and other structures. In Franklinville, NC, carpentry is a vital trade that is in high demand. The following are some facts and statistics about carpentry that are particularly relevant to consumers in or near Franklinville, NC:
-The median hourly wage for a carpenter in Franklinville, NC is $17.34.
-There are approximately 1,090 carpenters employed in Franklinville, NC.
-Carpentry is projected to grow by 4% in Franklinville, NC from 2016 to 2026.
-There are currently 2 carpenter training programs available in Franklinville, NC.
If you are in need of a carpenter in Franklinville, NC, or if you are considering a career in carpentry, then these facts and statistics are important to know. Carpentry is a skilled trade that is vital to the Franklinville, NC community and is expected to grow in the coming years. There are many opportunities available for those interested in a career in carpentry.